Welcome to ChemE Car!

The Challenge? Design and Construct a Car Powered by a Chemical Energy Source! The Twist? The Load and Distance are Set the Day of the Competition! Join us as we compete against other universities at the regional competition for the chance to challenge the Annual Student Conference. Building the ChemE Car is important and demonstrates our abilities in several areas.

  • Providing chemical engineering students with the opportunity to participate in a team-oriented hands-on design and construction of a small chemical powered model car.
  • Demonstrating the ability to safely control a chemical reaction by changing a chemical reactant(s).
  • Designing and construct a car that is powered with a chemical energy source that will carry a specified load over a given distance and stop.
  • Increasing awareness of the chemical engineering discipline among the general public leader, educators, and other students.
  • Encouraging students to become actively involved in their professional society

Meet your ChemE Car Coordinators!

Corey Lawrence clawre9@uic.edu
Meenesh Singh
Professor Singh mrsingh@uic.edu
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Rigoberto Mejia rmejia4@uic.edu

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