Chemical Engineering Forum Schedule


Leadership Excellence Workshop                                                                    2:00-3:00

          Held by Business Excellence Inc. Open to students 

          and guests. Limited seats. Link to register here.

          View Abstract and Dr. Vora’s Bio  below.

Process Safety Workshop                                                                                  3:00-4:00

          Held by BakerRisk Open to students and

           guests. Limited seats. Link to register here.

Intro to ChE: Apsen Simulation and Unit Ops Tour                                    4:00-5:15

            Held by Dr. Caracotsios and Dr. Zdunek. Open to educators.

           Limited seats. Link to register here.


ROOM 218

Company Information and Recruitment Fair                                                 2:00-4:00



Coffee and Refreshments                                                                                     1:00-3:30


ROOM 230

Welcome Presentation                                                                                          1:00-1:30

Awards /Recognition                                                                                            1:30-2:00

“The Future of Nanotechnology within Chemical Engineering”                  2:00-3:00

Panel Discussion

Alumni Mixer & Dept Expo                                                                                  4:00-6:00

            Open to all alumni, current students, faculty and staff.

            RSVP here.

Ongoing:   Department Scavenger Hunt and Open House

 ChemE Forum Flyer

Dr. Vora Leadership Excellence Workshop UIC ChemE Forum Ab & Bio 4-07-17