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Member Highlight

  • Tania Wilson

    Tania Wilson

    I am a senior year Chemical Engineering student graduating in May 2017. I transferred from Oakton Community College during my Sophomore year to UIC. I chose Chemical Engineering as my career path as even though I liked Chemistry and Math, as a person who likes to explore different aspects of science I liked the fact that Chemical Engineering included subjects from Chemistry to Math to Physics to Engineering!
    The best thing about UIC was it's location, as it is right in Chicago downtown. UIC also has one of the engineering programs with professors who are ready to help students succeed on a direct and personal level! 
    Joining AIChE has given me different opportunities to meet ChemE alumni and have direct conversation while networking with the professors and company recruiters. AIChE conference which takes place every year is one of the main events that takes place at a national level which is a very big networking opportunity for every ChemE students out there. From different hiring and networking events being highly involved in AIChE has also shown a company how involved you are with Chemical Engineering field during our college years.    
    Throughout my college experiences up until now, I have been challenging myself to go out of my comfort level to explore, talk to people with different cultural backgrounds and work at different places. I have been working in Dr. Liu's lab for the encapsulation of Factor 8 in PolyPhosphate nanoparticles. I am currently the president of AIAA (American Institute Aeronautics and Astronautics) at UIC Chapter where we build planes, rockets and quadcopter. The part time jobs, leadership opportunities and research experiences has really helped me improve my communication, public speaking skills so as to be comfortable with where and how I am in different situations. It has also helped me shape me for what I would like to go into for my future work field/further studies.
    My main aim is to go to Medical school in the future but as of now I am interested in going into Research and Development field especially in a pharmaceutical company.